We were highly interested in the internet technology in past years which we thought that it would change our life in future years. We institutionalised our knowledge that we had been obtaining in information technologies for over 10 years under the name and brand of Egeweb in 1999 to use in web sector. Our knowledge in desktop publishing and...

  • "Egeweb set up our first network and made our first web site years ago. They have been with us since then. Egeweb have not just supported us technically and have not just given us design services. In..."

    Resmiye Dinlenmez
    Genel Müdür
    Ebruli Turizm

  • "I just want to say thank you for such a great web site! It certainly was a pleasure to work with your company. You were able to interpret our goals, ideas and principles and to translate them into..."

    Beris Guller
    Marketing Manager
    Tender Touch - Canada

  • "I get really excited. I feel like as if we got prepossessed by an aesthetician. It is like having a plastic surgery and it feels like there is no where left to touch. We are in the hands of Egeweb..."

    Pervin Mısırlıoğlu

  • "We are grateful to Egeweb for the web site that has been online just for few days. As we are getting into market with a new business and a new topic, they have made such a bang up job in graphic both..."

    Riva UYGUN
    Firma Ortağı
    Tender Touch