The nature of economy has changed rapidly in today’s commercial life. Traditional sales methods are now poor in delivering products to a wider mass. The need for detailed information about product and visual materials has been increasing. Nobody goes from one shop to another and looks for a product as they used to do. They now sit at their computers and find their products online in many virtual shops in a very short time by comparing the prices. In the circumstances, you can not start the business by saying ‘Let’s make an e – commerce site’. There are some facts (rights and wrongs) that you should know about before you get your e – commerce site done. You should be aware of the risks that you might have.Some of the risks are that;
1.    Credit Card info is in the hands of someone else
2.    Lack of equipment
3.    Unreliable courier services
4.    Software bug
5.    Changed commercial laws
6.    Web site has been hacked by hackers
7.    Unhealthy buy something in and not updating the prices on time
It is possible to deal with all the risks. Your biggest advantage is to work with a professional company. When your web site is ready to sell products; you should have the agreement with the courier service and product supply chain, the software and the security must be at the highest level (protected by 128 bit encryption at the least), credit card information of your customers must not be kept in data base, you should have a sufficient space on the server for your business traffic, you should have had your optimization work done in order to be on top of the list of search engines by then, back up of your web site must be done periodically. Customer confidence will be lost in case of lack of one these conditions.

Egeweb assures the solutions for all the risks and says that let us create our visual market together. The thing is that not only making the web site but it is to share our knowledge and consultant services about e – commerce..