Logo Design

Logo (Logotype) is a kind of marking formed by one or more typographic character(s) helping institutions and services diverge since the beginning of commerce. Emblem, on the other hand, was started to use when typographic characters were not known and is a marking formed by mostly symbols for people who are illiterate today. These two consepts are often confused with each other and in the cases which they are used together then they are now called logo.
Logo is to symbolise name of a product, corporation or service by using letters and visual elements. It projects the name of the corporation in contradistinction to emblem. New fonts can be designed to make a logo or available ones can be used. There are some main rules specified by competents;

It should be plain, articulate, easy to remember and made by using less colour as much as possible. It should be used with any kind of printing and cutting technique, details should not be lost in small sizes and should not look distributed. It should be readable in and on any kind of size and surface.
It should be original. It should not cause to be confused with the logos of other corporation and even remind of them. Copied logos or logos inspired by the others may harm the corporations.
Logo should reflect the product or the company not the designer. According to Paul Rand who has designed the logo of IBM, designer makes the logo but company itself creates it. It should reflect the product feature and the company. Chosen or designed font should be conformable to the content of the company. It is also important to know that how the company defines itself and the elements reflecting the company when making the logo. It should be plain as well as it should be catchy both in colour and shape at all times. 
When designing a logo for products of different countries or companies, designer should have the information about their culture and the meanings they assigned for colours. Particularly, this information becomes important when using a symbol as the meaning of the symbol.

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