Maintenance Contracts

Having your new web site on-line does not mean that the project has been completed. Your web site would change in time. Development in your company or changes in market conditions will bring new requirements. When considering ever growing internet technologies and its aims, you should keep your site up-to-date, accurate and in service. Doing so will strengthen your web site in cyber world, increase the number of visitors and their acitivities.  Maintenance contracts are one of the most significant factors for the success of your web site and they should be planned by the purpose of your web site.

Types of Maintenance Contract

1.    Updating of Website Content:
Your customers often check out with the thought of ‘If there is something new on the site?’ if you update your site periodically.  Updating your company information, adding the industry news about your field and filing the out of date news will increase your web site content and this content will help you have a better place in search engines. 
2.    Updating Products and Services:
You may have some new products and services. Besides, prices of your products and state of stocks may change, you may have to change the old pictures of the products. Doing these kind of updates on time are outmaneuvering against your rivals. 
3.    Special Contracts for E-Commerce:
Extra discounts and promotions in competition environment will increase your sales. Your short or long term sales targets require updating your site.
4.    Accessibility:
One of the most important parts in web site is to reach as many as people you can. If your site is not displayed correctly it means that you are loosing customers. Accessibility means new buyers for your products.
5.    Optimizing the Whole Site:
The most reliable source for your web site performance is your customers visiting your site. Questions, complaints, suggestions and comments created by your customers will give you the tips in what way you should optimise your site. We assess these tips and develop the site with maintenance contract.
6.    Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing:
The key words used on the search engines are the most effective methods on marketing your products online. It is fundamental to be on top of the page for your web site traffic.
Reporting key words on a monthly basis, doing a special work on weak words, keeping the order under control will reap lasting benefits.
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