One of the most effective ways to present your company at the fairs or organizations is to make multimedia CDs. These Cds that you give your potential customers will play an essential role both in presenting your company and your bids turning into sale. There are some significant advantages of making CDs.
•    It is one of the easiest and the most effective ways of presentation.
•    It is more advantageous because it can be updated instantly and it is permanent comparing to a brochure or newspaper advertisement. It provides the audio visual elemnets like sound, music, graphic, video and animation to work together.
•    If you have a CD presenting your company, you can watch the media types even if they are big in size like video recordings without an internet connection or having some connectivity speed.

Model Applications:
•    Jewels of Ayayorgi
•    Production Catalogue of Erpen
•    Terbay
•    Dadya Public Relations