Domain Name Registration Services

20 years ago, there was only one company that registered domain names and a single price. Now there are hundreds of companies with prices ranging from $ 35 to $ 7. The important thing in purchasing a domain is not only to choose an inexpensive service, but also to work with a reliable company that is easy and hassle-free to work with. Egeweb receives the domain registrations of its customers from a reliable service, monitors them, informs its customers about expiring domains 1 month in advance and takes the necessary actions to extend the domain. It takes the necessary care to register the domain registrations on the customer.

Web Hosting - Hosting Services

Egeweb provides the most suitable hosting services for your domain names with 20 years of experience. Whether in Windows or Linux, your sites are published on our extremely fast servers. We guarantee high traffic and 100% operation on our servers. In order to provide the best service to our customers, we host their sites on dedicated servers with 4 core processors, high disk capacity and bandwidth. In case of any problem, it provides 24/7 support.

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