We were highly interested in the internet technology in past years which we thought that it would change our life in future years. We institutionalised our knowledge that we had been obtaining in information technologies for over 10 years under the name and brand of Egeweb in 1999 to use in web sector.

Our knowledge in desktop publishing and programming helped us adapt this new technology at once. As we have completed our 10th year in business there have been new developments in many areas as well as in Web technologies. Everything has developed from a static structure to a dynamic structure. Visuality were at the forefront in web sites in the beginning but now functionality has taken place of it. Corporations do not have a site in order to be in the web world, they have a web site because they plug a product, sell their products via internet, give information about their stock and are able to reach large masses now. On top of that, they join social sharing sites, make groups and e-mail lists and send e-bulletins.

National competitiveness has turned into international competitiveness along with globalisation in economy. There are no borders anymore. Products can be sent all over the world. We have to be more active to commercialize our products in this incredibly competitive environment and one step ahead of our other rivals. These are the times that we need to act on time. It is not enough to make a web site in order to take place in international competitiveness. Templates, similar visual materials used everywhere, monotonous web pages do not make any difference. We need web sites that have a unique design and functional infrastructure, meet the customer satisfaction, are cleared of unnecessary codes, fast in performance and easy to use, can be on top of the lists at search engines and updated at once.

We are very aware of your needs. We know what to do. We follow all the latest technologies with our professional team and implement them. Come and take your place in this competition world. Let Egeweb be your consultant for a long time period.

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