I cannot recieve e-mail

If you are not receiving e-mail, you must first check the following:

If you receive your emails using Microsoft Outlook (or a similar program):

Are you getting an error message?
If you are getting an error, what does the error message say?

If you get an error saying "Cannot connect to the server", here are the checks to do:

Check your account settings, make sure the server address is entered correctly.
In the Servers section, your POP3 Server should be mail.yourdomain (example: mail.egeweb.com).
Check if you can access your website. If you cannot access it, your domain name or hosting service may have expired or there may be another technical problem.
If your website is accessible but you cannot connect to the e-mail server, there may be a program (such as a firewall) that blocks the e-mail connection on your computer or the network you are connected to.
If you receive an error that your password is not accepted, your password is incorrect. Check your password in your e-mail settings. Log into your control panel and change your password and try again.
If you do not receive an error message but still do not receive e-mails, the reason is probably that your quota has been reached. You can go to your control panel and check whether your general disk quota is full.

If you receive another error, please e-mail the error message or the current screenshot to info@egeweb.com.

If you have not been able to resolve the problem even though you have made the above checks, please contact us, stating in detail which e-mail account, with which settings, as a result of which operations, and what kind of error you encountered. Since there may be many reasons why you are not receiving e-mails, you must provide us with sufficient information so that we can detect your problem as soon as possible.