You have your website built. Now is the time to open up to the world. For this, you need to get a hosting service. At the same time, this service is needed to use your corporate e-mail addresses. For this, your website is uploaded to a server open to the whole world and starts publishing. You can get this service from hosting companies for a certain rental fee paid annually.

Choosing hosting is like choosing the house you will live in. Just as it would be unnecessary to have 1 person and rent a 4+1 house, when purchasing hosting service, if you are going to host a simple website, do not have much traffic and do not use e-mail intensively, then you do not need to pay high fees. The most appropriate solutions for your needs are evaluated and offered by our experts. Additionally, you can always upgrade to higher packages in the future when the need arises.

Your websites are hosted on Linux servers according to your needs. You can host your sites by purchasing a simple hosting package or a hosting package suitable for your budget on extremely fast dedicated servers. High traffic and 99.9% uptime are guaranteed on the servers. A normal hosting package will be quite sufficient for you. We provide a very high quota of 25GB per email. At the same time, you can get rid of unnecessary e-mails with the Anti Spam filter. You can follow your e-mails either in a program such as Outlook or on the internet with Webmail. Your sites are backed up monthly on our server. We provide weekly and daily backup services for our customers who have very important data. You can get an offer for this.

As Egeweb, your sites hosted on another server are transferred to our server by us, without charging any extra fee for our customers that we provide hosting service to. We also provide a free update service for our customers whose websites we build, if they receive hosting service from us.

Our servers are located in America and are located in a data center with highly professional support, where we have been working for 15 years without any interruption or data loss.

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Hosting Service Request Form

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