What is IT Consultancy?

A company's technological organization should support its business strategies rather than constrain it. It is a strategic need to determine the technological requirements of the company for long-term goals. The use of information technologies provides significant support in terms of reducing costs in companies, ensuring brand image and company recognition, increasing income, ensuring income-expense balance, increasing productivity, increasing total quality and contributing to the environment. Besides all these supports, there are also some problems brought by technology. Many issues such as legal problems, data loss, emergence of new investments, costs, and training needs require consultancy support. Today, many companies cannot establish an IT unit due to high costs.

Consulting Topics:

Software Consultancy

Compatibility of the software used within the company
Determination of software licenses
Maintaining software invoices
Determination of necessary training needs regarding software
Determination of required software

SEO Consultancy

Competitor company analysis
Keyword analysis
SEO compatible content analysis
Technical analysis that will affect site performance

Website Consultancy

Originality of web design
SEO compatibility
The codes must be optimized, clean and free of unnecessary codes, and comply with W3 standards.
The site must be updatable and dynamic, and the management panel must be user-friendly.
Checking for copied material that may cause copyright infringement on the website, ensuring that a license is purchased if professional photographs are to be used.
Compatibility of the site with mobile devices (tablet, mobile phone, etc.)
Checking that the website works on all platforms (Mac, PC, different browsers)
Checking that the site content is compatible with the fields of activity
If other languages will be used, translations must be error-free

Hardware and Software Product Sales Consultancy

Price analysis regarding the purchase of hardware and software products that the company needs
Evaluation of offers
Working on purchasing the right product at the most affordable price

Domain and Hosting Services Consultancy

Determining the most appropriate name to represent the company
Determining the company from which the domain name will be purchased
Ensuring that the domain name is registered on the company
Ensuring that all domain, management panel and e-mail passwords of the domain name are kept in a safe place.
Ensuring that domain name and hosting renewals are made on time
Determining the company from which hosting service will be received
Determining the requirements for hosting (disk space, SSL, database-MSSQL or MySQL-subdomain, number of emails, bandwidth, etc.)
Determining the type and location of hosting that is suitable for hosting

E-Commerce Consultancy

Ensuring data security in e-commerce
Security of personal information (SSL Certificate)
legal problems
Agreements with the bank

Digital Media Services Consultancy

Brand image management
Digital advertising (Google adwords, Facebook, other media sources)
Social media pages (Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)
Email marketing

Social Media Consultancy

Provide expertise and guidance on using social media platforms effectively
Strategy Development
Platform Selection
Content Creation
Community Management
Analytics and Reporting
Advertising Campaigns

IT Law Consultancy

Legal compliance
Intermediary in the preparation of technology-related contracts
Protection of intellectual property
Privacy and data protection
Cyber ​​security
E-commerce and digital transactions
Regulatory compliance
Dispute resolution and litigation support
Technology licensing and transfer


Since companies do not take the necessary precautions regarding the internet and network, they encounter some problems. Many problems arise as a result of allowing personnel to access all kinds of sites and not monitoring instant communication tools such as WhatsApp and Messenger. In companies, the internet access line is generally taken over by the company, and company personnel provide internet access and other communication tools through this line. Therefore, the first addressee of a crime occurring in the cyber world is the company via IP, and therefore the company officials in terms of criminal prosecution. If the internal network structure of the company is not well controlled and entries and exits are not kept in a logbook, company officials will be victimized because the real perpetrator cannot be found. We have given brief explanations about the Internet and networks above. The Internet brings with it many problems for companies. Disruption of information systems, competition law, domain name problems, problems in terms of labor law, problems in terms of intellectual industrial rights law, etc. There are many problems.

Due to their daily work, companies visit many private or public websites on the internet, such as the Central Bank, the General Directorate of Security, Ministries, etc. These visits are often for the purpose of obtaining information. However, when these sites are accidentally stopped (hacked) by someone else (Hacker) during the visit, it is inevitable that they will be the direct perpetrators, as the IP addresses of the visitors will be recorded in the site's firewall records.


Another problem that is frequently encountered in practice is that company employees commit unlawful acts using company computers. These violations include insulting, swearing and unfair competition crimes via e-mail and WhatsApp. Less common problems that arise as a result of uploading a website that contains insults, child pornography, terrorism, or is contrary to intellectual and artistic works, from company computers can also be listed.



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