A website is essentially your online store. That's why you should value it at least as much as you do your store. Only those who pass by your store can see your store, but your website is your face to the world. A good website should have many features together.

A. Accessibility

Wide range of browser compatibility, compatibility on different platforms (e.g. Mac)
Minimum and maximum monitor resolutions
Normal text or html, alternative access links
Multilingual translation, cultural sensitivity

B. Speed and Bandwidth Sensitivity

Page sizes and complexity
Average download time
Download order and image upload
First response waiting time

C. HTML Quality

Clean, error-free HTML codes
Interoperability of ActiveX, rollovers, applets
Page titles, descriptions, keywords and meta tags
Java and Java script addiction, image addiction

D. Legality

Original work, music, graphics, etc.
Compliance with international copyright rules
Legal site content and site activities


A. Graphic Design

Original Craftsmanship
Subtlety and simplicity in design ideas
Fonts and general appearance
Clever use of visual elements

B. User-Friendly Interface

Easy to Use
Aids, tools, help resources
Interface functionality
clarity, simplicity

C. Aesthetics and Beauty

Visual Appeal
professional appearance
Artistic Integrity
Color Matching

D. Alignment and Placement

General layout and use of spaces
Table quality and complexity
Effective use of layers
Use of borders, sections, lines

E. Integrity

The effect of feeling alone
Suitability of the elements used
Visual and audio compatibility
Reinforcement and consolidation of purpose


A. Purpose

Statement of the website purpose and mission
Message and expression
Usefulness, content quality, free resources

B. Interaction

Methods of interaction with the customer or surfer
Membership or club opportunities
E-mail lists, newsletter, news groups, chat, etc. existence
Other useful services provided

C. Information Technology

Simplicity of complex components, presence of summary uses
Information architecture, primary purpose, clarity of structure, aggregation, packaging, presence of FAQ and RFC
Perceptibility, focus of attention, functionality
Access to information, usability, use of image maps, readability, searchability, site map

D. Expression

Proper use of language, clarity of grammar
Pronunciation of complex concepts
spelling, punctuation
No repetitive phrases


A. Innovations and Detailed Thinking

Feeling of uniqueness and sparseness of offers
laudable insight or benefit
Advanced, unused or clever solutions
Content and innovations compatible with social values

B. Creativity

Originality of components
Exclusivity and complexity (sophisticated solutions)
Style variations
Creative use of resources

C. Technology

Effective use of advanced technologies such as Java, DHTML, active X, advanced coding, XML, CSS
Use of compression technologies such as Real Player, FLV Player, Flash, Beatnik
Visual and audio broadcasts, use of fluid media
Database integrity and functionality

D. Distinctive Feature

Permanence in mind
Effect on multiple sensory organs
The power of sensory impact
The power of gratitude

E. Vision

Forward thinking
Advanced solutions
Activities that guide
Forecast quality


A. Customer Service and Respect for Buyer

Ease of communication and responsibility
Management of requests and complaints from customers
Providing customer recommendations
Refund policy and privacy

B. Values

Work ethic
Honesty in self-presentation and advertising
Contribution or support to public values
Free services, tools or facilities provided

C. Focus

Clarity or potential of messages delivered
No annoying pop-ups
No noticeable noisy flashes
No incompatible concepts

D. Advanced Components

WAP and Web TV formats
Use of interactive maps and other active media
Active server usage, dynamically created pages
E-commerce solutions, secure servers or advanced technologies

E. Whole Site Effectiveness

Professionalism in achieving website objectives
Website traffic and statistics
Impact potential
Direction to action
Apart from all these, legally required documents must be present on your site. Documents such as KVKK information text, Cookie policy, Privacy policy, Personal Data Protection, Information Society Services related policies. In addition, no matter who creates your site, you should make sure that the images used on your site are licensed so that you will not have any problems with copyright.

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