Who is Egeweb?

When the Internet had just entered our lives, we started to be interested in internet technologies that we thought would change our lives greatly in the coming years. We institutionalized our 10 years of experience in computer and software technologies under the name and brand of Egeweb in 1999 to use it in the web world we see as the future.

Our knowledge of desktop publishing and programming allowed us to quickly adapt to this new technology. As we complete our 24th year, there have been great developments in Web technologies, as in many areas. Everything developed from a static structure to a dynamic structure. Websites, where visuality was at the forefront in the beginning, have now been replaced by a more functional structure. Nowadays, companies do not build a website to be present in the Web world; they can promote their products, stock status and sell them online. It can deliver its products to much wider audiences. Not only that, they join social networks, create groups, create mailing lists, and send e-newsletters.

With the globalization of the economy, national competition has now turned into international competition. Borders are gone. Products can be sent to anywhere in the world. We are now at a time when we need to be much more active in marketing our products and services in this incredibly competitive environment and do what needs to be done without delay in order to be one step ahead of our other competitors. In order to take our place in international competition, it is no longer enough to just have a website built. There is a need for sites that are both original in design, functional in infrastructure, that will keep relations with customers warm, that are free of unnecessary codes, that are fast in terms of performance, easy to use, that rank high in search engines, and that can be updated at any time.

We are aware of your needs. We know what needs to be done. We follow and apply all new technologies with our professional team. Come and take your place in this competition. Let Egeweb be your consultant for many years as your reliable solution partner.


Our Mission

To have a say in international projects in the fields we specialize in and to be a sought-after company abroad in these fields.

Our Vision

To carry out works that require quality and advanced technology, at the targeted time and at world standards, with professional staff, prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Our Values


1. Scientificity and Rationality

It means believing in man's ability to understand the truth with his mind. It means addressing problems with a rational scientific approach, not emotionally, with prejudices and stereotypes. The cornerstones of rationality are science and technology. It is based on finding the truth by researching it with scientific methods and drawing conclusions from it.

2. Sensitivity to Art

Art is the ability to create impulses to create satisfying aesthetic experiences. Art deals with beauty and is a phenomenon that humanizes life. The creativity of science is enriched at the level where it is integrated with artistic sensitivity.

3. Innovation

It is to develop and implement different, novel ideas in order to solve unsolved problems or respond to unmet needs. It aims to make a product or service more beautiful, more useful, and useful to more people. By implementing innovative ideas, new products, services and new business methods emerge, and with their implementation, the concept of innovation gains meaning.

4. Reliability

Trust is the feeling of believing and connecting without fear, hesitation and doubt. Trust, of course, cannot replace a good product or service. However, when equality is ensured in all conditions, trust in the product, brand or service will play a role in preference. Being reliable sets the company apart from all competition. Because then the consumer will choose that company, knowing that the company does something for society.

5. Sustainability

It means planning to meet future needs by consuming resources in a balance without excessive consumption. This planning should be economic, social, cultural and ecological.

6. High Quality

It is the feature of being strong, effective and superior in quality, being above normal values. High quality products and services increase the chance of competition and provide an advantage in reaching new markets. It also contributes to the continuity of the company.

7. Honesty

Honesty is defined as "being one with the essence", "reflecting things as they are", "not hiding the truth", "not trying to appear or show anything other than what you know, believe and are. People who are honest keep their promises. They do not make promises that they cannot keep. They deliver when they say they will.

8. Responsibility

Responsibility is the obligation of a person to fulfill his obligations to himself and others in a timely manner. A responsible person is a person who can take the initiative and take action spontaneously in order to do a job that needs to be done on time.

9. Transparency

Transparency is access to qualified, reliable information in a timely and understandable manner. Economic transparency ensures resource allocation in the most effective way, ensuring efficiency and increasing growth potential. Transparency aims to ensure that employees participate effectively in the management process.

10. Justice

Justice is the observance of the right. It means giving everyone what they deserve and distinguishing between the right and the wrong. It also means treating everyone equally and not treating people differently due to differences in culture, knowledge and status.